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The first and only book ever published on the art of Sam Pai Kenpo, is an eclectic brand of martial arts originating under the Mitose family in Hawaii and perfected under Ed Parker, the pioneer of Kenpo and martial arts in America today. Sam Pai Kenpo was actually perfected under Joe Dimmick, the founder of Sam Pai and my instructor.

This is the first book in a series, to take the student from beginner through the ranks of Sam Pai Kenpo. This first book begins when a student walks into to the Dojo (studio) for the first time, and signs up to start training.  This was the 1982 version of Orange Belt level for Sam Pai Kenpo.

The book is currently out of print but can be found on Amazon.com in the classic or hard to find section.  I recently found two and purchased them but also saw it on a Kenpo web site out of Germany. They are still out there and I am contemplating re-publishing it for historical value.

Kenpo has something for everyone.  In this book, there are techniques for the beginning student as well as the advanced. Study it well and learn why I believe that Kenpo is the most complete martial arts experience. It is simplicity in execution and economy in motion with completeness in form.

The student can learn these movements easily and apply the information to practical use. But knowledge is not the ultimate goal.  Wisdom is the end, ultimately, and using knowledge is the way to achieve it.

You will gain self-confidence by learning how to protect and defend yourself.  You will not find it necessary to prove yourself to anyone. Confidence comes with the ability to handle any situation calmly as they arise. It is my goal to help you develop all aspects of your nature using Kenpo as the scale to balance the body, mind and soul.

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