Herbal Gel


Bumps and bruises, stress and pain are all part of every day life. I have created an herbal liniment and have used it personally for the last 37 years. I have been involved in the martial arts for that period of time, ten of which I was involved in the tournament circuit in California.

During those years I acquired my share of bruises and sprains. I used my liniment on virtually every pain I have ever had.  My family, friends and students have also benefited by this synergistic compound.

While I originally created this liniment for my martial arts training, I have found many other uses for it.  I have applied it to my forehead, temples and the back of my neck and shoulders for headaches and nervous tension. When struck or bumped, I have applied it to what I knew would surely become a bruise, only to have the wound never get to the black and blue stage. I have sprained my wrist on a Thursday and been able to punch the heavy body bag on the following Monday after applying my liniment.

The most unusual use of the compound, was a friend who has a 70-year-old father who no longer had any feeling in his hands and feet from over 40 years of arthritis. After one week of using the liniment he was beginning to regain the feeling in them once again.  He continued to use the liniment and the relief continued.

The compound had a base of rubbing alcohol with six herbs synergistically blended in.  The herbs are as follows:


Is one of the best known trauma herbs, it is very effective in promoting the healing of wounds, bruises, strains and sprains.


Is the most pronounced natural and ideal stimulant known in the entire materia medica. Combined with myrrh it will relieve and remove morbidity.


In a liniment or fomentation of a strong hot tea it is valuable for bad bruises, swellings, sprains and fractures.


An excellent stimulant, it exerts a special influence on all the tissues it comes in contact with.


When applied to inflammations and bruises it will remove the pain and discoloration.


It is a valuable stimulant.

When applying the liquid use an applicator bottle or cotton ball so as not to waste any of this precious liquid. It will discolor the skin slightly but will wash off with your next shower.  When applying the gel, simply rub in the desired amount on the affected area. Make sure you wash your hands so you donít get it in your eyes or other sensitive areas.

Apply the liniment to the injured area as well as the areas directly around it.  This will strengthen those muscle areas which are be strained from the injury as well as heal the injury.

I arrived at my formula by studying and experimenting. I first used Cayenne, Golden Seal and Myrrh in rubbing alcohol.  I later added Comfrey because it would heal all those symptoms mentioned above as well as inward bruising.  Hyssop was added one day when I was discussing herbal liniments with a Kung-Fu Master and friend of mine. He said he used Hyssop in rice wine for his dit da jow (iron palm liniment). Then finally I added Arnica to the mix and every one knows the benefits of this wonder of nature. I use rubbing alcohol because it absorbs into the skin and delivers the herbs to the injured area.


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