Hair Rejuvenator

The culmination of over 32 years of study in botanical medicine, natural healing and over 38 years in the martial arts resulted in the formation of C, W. Herbal in April of 1991. The company is dedicated to Glowing Health, as it is called in Chinese philosophy. When you have attained Glowing Health your body is in perfect harmony. The way to attain perfect harmony is to balance the whole body, physically, mentally and spiritually... all aspects of your life.

It is the intention of C.W. Herbal to release the products which are in the most demand from our customers. Therefore, great importance will be placed on customer feedback and market demand. As you use our products and become one of our family of users, we would like to give you an opportunity to tell us what products you are most interested in. Then as we develop new products we can take your wishes into consideration. So please let us know how the products work for you and what you would like to see developed.

Thank you for joining our growing family! in glowing health...

Michael & Kalyani Persons

Master Hair Rejuvenator was created because over 30 years ago I had a near miss with a lightning bolt at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The lightening missed me, but did come close enough to feel as though it had parted my hair. This episode left my hair a little thin on the right side. After trying many other expensive products from other countries, I decided to formulate my own.

Since then I have been looking for the right herbal combination that would help in some way to restore my hair. I believe Master Hair Rejuvenator has helped by own situation since for the last 13 years I have had new hair growth and my hair line on the right side has returned.

This herbal blend has been put into a deep cleansing shampoo base and an extra body conditioner and is formulated to clean hair follicles, remove dandruff, reduce hair loss, manage and restore body and shine to your hair.

Each product Is composed of fourteen herbs. The mixture gives you the benefit of a higher concentration of herbs while it effectively cleans and conditions your hair.

Without heavy shampoos and conditioners to weigh your hair down, your hair will appear to be thicker and more manageable while the herbs begin to stimulate the regenerative process on any follicles that are not too greatly damaged. Keeping hair follicles clean may help to prevent hair loss from ever starting.

There are no special steps or preparations. Shampoo and condition daily for best results. It's that simple!


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