Standing in the center of a clock formation, it is easy to move in any direction by simply calling out the number and moving your foot to that number.  Step your right foot back to 6:00 or forward to 12:00, you have an immediate picture in your mind of where you are moving.  Some systems use north, south, east and west but you cannot always be sure of your directions when you are in an unfamiliar room.  The clock method gives you a clear mental picture; 12:00 is always in front of you when you begin.  You can also move the clock off of the floor and place it in front of you mentally so that if you were to strike down you could be striking to 6:00. A chop could be delivered at a 1:00-2:00 angle to the neck.  This gives a very clear picture and can be easily visualized.


Stances or horse training in many traditional schools lasts for as much as two years.  This is the foundation of the martial arts and many teachers do not show other techniques until the stances are mastered.  This method also served to weed out the insincere student.  There are twenty-three stances in 7 Winds Kenpo. This is your foundation so it must be strong.  A house built on a weak foundation will tumble down when confronted by the first adverse wind.  Do not overlook this important part of your training. The differences will show up immediately.


Foot Movements are the systematic methods we use to move forward, backwards or change directions. As you develop the quickness and discrimination, foot movements will keep you just out of your opponent’s reach or will close the gap with your opponent at the proper moment of attack.


Blocks are the basic method of defense and the essence of the Three Shields used in 7 Winds Kenpo. This revolutionary method of defense will teach the novice to defend himself efficiently in a minimal amount of time. Once this skill is perfected, his defense will be virtually invulnerable.  Being the most important technique he will learn, the student must practice it faithfully.


Parries are methods of redirecting your opponent’s oncoming force with the open hand.  These are a tremendous asset to the Three Shields method of blocking and give the student all he will need to ward off any attack.


This method of attack utilizes the foot striking with the ball, top, side and heel of your foot as well as your knee to strike your opponent from long or short ranges.  Kick with power but perfect the technique because it will be quickness and skill that penetrates your opponent’s defense.


Punches are methods of striking your opponent with your fists. Practice the different methods of delivering these punches and you will be ready for any situation. Punch strong on the thrust punches but whip the snap punches as fast as you can to create an explosion at the end of the snap and you will generate more power than the thrusts.


Special weapons as they are called in our style, are methods of striking with either the open hand, in a palm strike or chop or with the elbow.  It usually covers anything not included in the punch category.  These strikes will give you the versatility to take you beyond the novice stage.


Finger techniques differ from the strikes in that they are methods of clawing, poking and whipping with the fingers.  


These are called specialty techniques because they are not usually practiced in the same manner as the other techniques are.  They are practiced, usually in the context of a self-defense technique.  I choose to call them out individually so that you can see exactly how they are performed.


Breaks are a method of breaking an opponent’s body part either with a pin and strike, snapping strikes or a twist.


Take downs bring your opponent to the ground either by tripping, flipping or striking them down in a prescribed manner.


If an opponent surprises us, we will need to know how to fall backward, side to side or roll out of a situation.  Once on the ground you will need to know how to protect yourself until you can get back to your feet.


These are a series of blocks and self defense techniques linked together and performed at different angles to represent all of the angles an attack can come from. It will give you strength and agility and an awareness that the opponent does not always come at you from the front.


A series of blocks and strikes to defend against an attack from one or more opponents armed or unarmed. 


There are different methods of breathing for the development of Chi and strengthening the internal muscles.


Various methods of meditation for the development of Chi and the clear and strengthen the mind.


Breathing techniques done with specific meditations to accomplish specific results. 


13 virtues to develop a more spiritual nature. As I am a Christian, these are geared for the Christian but can be used by anyone to make their life better.


7 senses to develop. Yes 7, the 6th is Intuition and the 7th is Knowing.


While there are hundreds the 29 points shown in this system are athlete’s points for energy and to strengthen the muscles.

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