Cosmic Warrior

 The Cosmic Warrior is a Martial Arts adventure novel filled with romance, suspense and excitement. Set in the 25th century it chronicles the journey of the novels main character, Mikal, to fulfill his destiny.  Along the way there are evils to overcome, friendships to preserve and wonders to experience.

 Authored by 10th Degree Black Belt, Michael Persons, The Cosmic Warrior has actual Martial Arts techniques described in the novel’s realistic fight scenes.  Michael Persons revolutionizes the adventure novel genre by creating the Martial Arts System used in the book, “The Cosmic Warrior”. Watch for the release of the first of 13 Martial Arts instruction manuals on the “Art of the Cosmic Warrior” to begin your training to become the next Cosmic Warrior. This book can be purchased from:

Excerpts from the Book

Chapter 1  The Journey Begins

 High above the clouds, so high you cannot see the earth below, soars a giant golden eagle.  Riding on the wind currents he glides effortlessly, scanning the ground below as if searching for something.  Suddenly, he swoops downward through the clouds, his eyes are transfixed on its target.  Then, as if from nowhere, he snatches a small child from its yard. As quickly as the giant bird appeared, it disappears soaring back up into the clouds carrying the child to a far away, mountain fortress.

 The two-year-old is unafraid as the eagle tenderly deposits him in the soft grasses of a clearing

Chapter 1  The Journey Begins

 “Keep quiet and you won’t be hurt!” growls the first man.

 But the woman is too frightened and screams, “Help!” one more time.

 Raising his hand to strike her the same intruder snarls, “I told you to keep quiet!”

 But before the blow can silence her, the figure of a man runs through the door like a flash, leaps into the air and kicks the attacker between the shoulder blades with a flying front heel kick.  As the attacker is propelled across the room from the force of the kick, the woman recognizes her defender. “Mikal!” Thank God you’re here!”

 A loud thud draws her attention to the corner of the room and she watches as the body of the unconscious attacker slides down the wall into a heap on the floor.

Chapter 3  Encounter With the Beast

 As he gathers wood for a fire, Mikal senses a change in this part of the forest.  A feeling that danger, even death, lurks near by and emanates in the stillness of the air.

 Soon he has gathered enough wood to last the night and has a roaring fire going as the Sun sets and night falls. Hours pass and Mikal sits gazing into the flames of the fire.  He is keenly aware of everything around him. Every leaf that rustles as the breeze passes by it and the occasional hoot of an owl on a distant treetop. The scents and sounds of the forest are all familiar now.  As the darkness falls in around him and his vision becomes limited to the circle of light around his fire, all of the other six senses intensify.

Chapter 3  Encounter With the Beast

 Suddenly, there she is…standing before him. She is tall and very beautiful.  Her hair is brown with a golden glow dancing off it as the last rays of sunlight shine upon it.

 Chills run up her spine, “friend or foe,” she thinks as she finishes her drink at the well. She straightens her body looking from side to side.  The she sees Mikal’s tan, muscular body form across the square.

 “Definitely friend!”  She thinks as their eyes meet.

Chapter 4  The Capital City…Shazandras

 Mikal arrives at the city’s gates after two days of travel.

 “Halt!” Commands the guard at the gates. “What is your business in Shazandras?”

 “I have no business!  I am just passing through and will probably only spend the night here,” Mikal states.  “Is there an Inn that I could stay at?”

 “Yes. It is in the center of town in the Town Square.” The guard responds.

 “Thank you.”

 “Very well, you may pass,” the guard replies and the huge highly polished bronze gates that are supported by massive marble walls on either side begin to open.

 There before him is the mystical city of Shazandras.

Chapter 10 The Assault Begins

 It’s now 2:00 AM, an hour when bodily functions are at their lowest point and closest to a death state. Mikal stands up and faces Edo. Together they make their way down the mountain to the edge of the encampment. The guards are half asleep as they approach. They do not make a sound but as a precautionary measure Mikal uses a mind projection technique on the guards.


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