7 Winds Kenpo

  I come to you with only 7 Winds Kenpo.

  I am sworn to Honor and Valor.

  My heart knows only Truth.

  My hand defends the innocent.

  My might upholds the weak.

  My word speaks only Truth.

  My wrath undoes the wicked.

  My shields are Truth, Honor and Valor;

  God, Family, Country…7 Winds Kenpo

  Michael J. Persons Creed 2-2002


7 Winds Kenpo offers a complete program for training body, mind and soul. Rooted in traditions handed down over 25 generations from the Shaolin Temple in China, our training focuses on recognizing your unique talents and abilities, and then enriching them with the wisdom and discipline of Kenpo. Programs are available for all ages and all levels from beginning to advanced levels as high as 6th Degree Black Belt.

You will also find a section on special herbal products and treatments for better health along with a section devoted to my new novel “The Cosmic Warrior.”

I have formulated my own style, 7 Winds Kenpo, based on what I consider to be the best of American Kenpo and Sam Pai Kenpo/3 Shields Kenpo, and I honor both my instructor, Grand Master Joe Dimmick and his instructor Grand Master Ed Parker. I teach all of the Parker and Dimmick katas and, along with my own major contributions from the beginning level through the highest level of the system, is the addition of the 16 new katas I created. This makes up the system I call 7 Winds Kenpo, the system of the “Cosmic Warrior.”

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